Thursday, August 6, 2009

Once Upon a Time - Back To Sabah

Going back to Sabah is the hard thing to do especially for someone like me who having the tough moments for 3 years lately. Yeah..sure it is not easy to forget but I tried my best to remember only the good old days (hehehe). Flying with MAS wings is the best experience especially when you got the low price tickets. 26th July 2009 was the date that me and my friend Aini went to Sabah. Well of course Aini got the same feeling as me - a feeling that really hard to describe. First I went to Kuala Lumpur alone from Kota Bharu, then at KLIA, I meet some of my friends (Aminah, Ninot, Yann, Shikeen and Anees) before me and Aini continue our journey with flight MH2616 to Kota Kinabalu. Of course I always bring my camera to capture the memories that cannot be describe with writing and here the memories. For Aloy, some of the PC Fair pixs are dedicated just for you. Enjoice~