Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Timeless in TIME

We are already in July, 2009! 3 months left for my graduation day in this Oct. What I'm doing now? Of course I'm still not satisfied in my life especially during matriculation and university. But i can't go back to that time. Well satisfy or not, i am who i am now. Learning, searching, enjoying and relaxing still in mine. I try to keep moving forward without thinking any of my failure and gain more experience in order to make myself more reliable in any situation especially at difficult time. I still don't know what i really want in my life but i always trying to think and understand what valuable my life is. Time is precious and always gone. But I'm still here and trying to understand who am i in my family, friends and society. So... what am i suppose to do? Maybe one step at the time...

confused??? then try to get some sleep... then, get urself enjoy!!!